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The Tsavo National Park is made up of two main sections administratively known as Tsavo East and Tsavo West. Together these make up the largest and one of the most recognizable national parks in Africa, covering 4% of land in Kenya which is when you consider the size of Kenya, enormous. Both are popular destinations for tourists looking for an unforgettable safari holiday experience and Natural World Tours Tsavo safari trips continue to rise in popularity. Both sides of the Tsavo National Park are separated by a road and a railway and it gets its name from the Tsavo River which runs through from west to east.

Tsavo East National Park

The larger of the two sections of the national park, Tsavo East is breathtaking in its natural beauty and almost untouched landscape. Popular attractions in this area include the Elephants of the Galana River. The image of elephants frolicking in the stunning blue waters of the river is sure to be imprinted in your memories for years to come. In addition, Tsavo Safari trips covering the eastern part of Tsavo offer spectacular views of other large mammals and popular wildlife.

Tsavo West National Park

Although the smaller of the two, Tsavo West is by no means considered a lesser experience and Tsavo Safari trips are just as popular with tourists. Tsavo West is made up of a variation of Acacia woodlands, grasslands, scrublands, rocky ridges and riverside vegetation. With such a diverse landscape, the diversity of the wildlife present in the Tsavo West is inevitable making Tsavo Safari trips in the west one of the most popular safari holiday options.

 The Majestic Tsavo Elephants

Every three years an aerial census is carried out in Tsavo-Mkomazi ecosystem this is because elephants give birth on average every four. This census is part of the global elephant monitoring system and is to establish the population of elephants in the area. Because elephants are the flagship species in Kenya, information on their population gives us a good indication of the status of all of the wildlife in the area. Hunting has been a major concern for elephants in Kenya which for anyone who understands how socially complex, intelligent and astounding these animals are, the idea of hunting these majestic creatures for their ivory is unthinkable. Luckily, in 1973 elephant poaching was outlawed by the Kenyan government. Unfortunately, there have been instances of illegal poaching but thanks to organizations such as The Kenya Wildlife Service who are committed to stamping out this unethical and deplorable practice, instances of illegal elephant poaching are dwindling. The good news is that the elephant population is on the rise; this is not only fantastic news for those interested in Kenya Safari tours; this is great news the world over. Figures gathered by the census in 2008 showed the elephant population to be at 11,696 and had risen considerably by 2011 to 12,572. The next census is due this year and according to recent trends and thanks to the hard work by the Kenya Wildlife Trust and other such organizations committed to the preservation of Kenyan wildlife, the outlook is hopeful.

View Tsavo Safari Trips with Supremo Adventures

Why not come and see for yourself? Although I doubt you can count them all but there’s no harm in trying. We run safari trips that cover both sides of Tsavo National Park. Why not bring the whole family to come and marvel at these amazing animals and the other spectacular sights and landmarks at the Tsavo national park. There are multiple Tsavo Safari trips to choose from which vary in duration, route and landmark visits. And if you’re thinking about booking any of our Tsavo safari trips. Don’t forget to bring a checklist to carry out your own family fun Kenyan wildlife census. You can contact us using the contact form featured on our website.

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