Why Chyulu Hills National Park

Chyulu National Park has both striking volcanic scenery and great wildlife making it an ideal destination for adventure and nature lovers. It is located on the Eastern side of Kenya at Kibwezi. It is found in between Tsavo National park and Amboseli National Park. The weather at Chyulu is pleasant allowing visitors to visit the park all year round.

How To Get There

By Road : Located 190kms from Nairobi on the South Eastern side, it takes approximately five hours for road users to get to Chyulu National Park. Travelers from Nairobi use Mombasa road to Kibwezi. From Kibwezi to the park its 9kms. This route allows visitors to enter the park through Kithasyo gate. One can also access the park by road via Tsavo West as it is located close to Tsavo West National Park on the south eastern side.

By Air : Chyulu National Park has two airstrips allowing visitors to easily reach it by air.

What To Expect

Inspiring scenery: Chyulu hills that are relatively undisturbed with ranges of ash cones and craters are part of the awe-striking view at the park. The rolling volcanic soil plains, the thick forest that is home to many animals and Mount Kilimanjaro peak on the western side of the park are other breathtaking views at this park. The all around stretch of dusty and dry Masaai land with numerous herds of cattle is another view to behold at the park.

Wildlife : The hills of Chyulu are home to different species of wildlife and vegetation. Some game mammals found here include; elephants, leopards, forest bush, pigs, elands, reedbuck, black rhino, buffalo, zebras, lions, cheetahs among others. Other wildlife species include reptiles such as; tortoise, gecko, lizards, black mamba, rock python, puff adder and numerous insects.

Cave Explorations : The hills that are almost uninterrupted have caves that can be explored by visitors. Cave equipment and safety gear for exploration are provided at the camp. Cave exploration provides visitors with views of different kinds of insects found at the caves.

Bird Watching : Lake Jipe found at the South eastern side of the park has different bird species and bird enthusiasts can bird watch species such as; Bradypterus cinnamomeus, Zoothera gurneyi, Francolinus shelleyi and Polemaetus bellicosus


Campsites : There is no accommodation inside the park but there are three public campsites in the park. The Kithsayo park campsite and the KWS campsite offer basic amenities for visitors. The Kiboko guest house is also an ideal place for visitors wishing to stay near the park

Nearby accommodation: The fact that there is no accommodation within the park is no reason to deter visitors wishing to stay near the park. There are numerous accommodation options in the nearby Tsavo West National Park and varieties of lodges near the park.

Why the park is famous

  • Spectacular landscape views; The rolling hills of Chyulu that are green all year round with clear blue skies are just a small part of the great views at the [park
  • Wildlife; home to large mammals, reptiles, birds and different kinds of insects, Chyulu National Park is a great place for wildlife lovers.
  • Horse riding, camping and mountain climbing are other activities that visitors get to enjoy at the park