Why Aberdare

The Aberdare National Park is a great place for a Kenyan safari.  Located in the Kenyan central highlands, it offers a scenic and spectacular view of a mountainous terrain in the midst of a tropical forest. The eastern slopes of the Aberdare Range Mountains offer the best place for the Kenyan safari. It is the highest national park in Africa.

How to get there

By road: The Aberdare National Park is located 93 miles (150 km) east of the capital Nairobi. The drive from the capital city of Kenya takes three hours. The drive offers a great view of the Kenyan highlands of Nyeri and Narumoro. Tourists can contact a tour operator for a more interesting drive.

By air: The airstrips that are near The Aberdare National Park are at Nyeri and Mweiga. They are ideal for small and charter flights that enable one to alight close to the park. Not to worry if you board a commercial flight: One can fly from Nairobi to Nanyuki and then drive to the park via Nyeri.

What to expect

The Kenyan safari:  The Eastern slopes of the park are ideal for the Kenyan safari. They provide an opportunity to spot a wide array of wildlife unlike the mountainous Western side. These animals include; lions, several antelope species, leopards, baboons, black and white monkeys, leopards, buffaloes, African elephants among others. If you are lucky, you also get to see some of the rare animals such as; the black leopard, black serval, black rhino and the Eastern bongo antelope.

Great Fisheries: The Aberdare National Park is home to the world’s greatest fisheries. It has pure and remote waterways that are ideal for fishing activities

Breathtaking mountain scenery: This is found on the western part of the park.  The beautiful mountainous terrain on the slopes of Aberdare is covered by dense forest, deep ravines and icy mountain streams. If you love to hike and climb, then this is the ideal place for you.

Afro alpine moorland and great scenery: The moorland is above 10,000 feet offering iconic waterfalls, rolling heather and wild flowers.  The mountain side is covered by thick rain forest which gives way to bamboo forest and alpine vegetation up the mountain peaks. The top of the mountain offers a breathtaking sight of the horizon, sunrise and sunset.

Bird watching: The Aberdare offers great scenery to sight many varieties of birds. One can also feed them while enjoying the sight of the sunrise and sunset.


Aberdare County Club: Found on the slopes of the Aberdare highland, this country club is a Kenyan heritage property. The country club is private and is ideal for those seeking the comforts of a country inn.

The ark: It resembles and is named after the Noah’s ark. This iconic lodge overlooks the largest salt licks and waterholes in The Aberdare National Park. It has several viewing areas that are floodlighted. This ensures one does not miss any animal sightings even at night.

Why is this park famous?

  • The Aberdare National Park is famous for the treetops hotel. Where Queen Elizabeth was staying in when she learnt of her being Queen after her father’s demise.
  • The park is also said to have been a frequent site by Lord Baden Powel. He is buried in Nyeri a neighbouring town.
  • The Aberdare Mountains are a UNESCO natural world heritage site
  • It offers an alternative cooler and breathtaking scenery to the wildlife parks in the Kenyan savannah