Mountain Climbing Safaris in Kenya

Mountain Climbing Safaris in Kenya

Mountain Climbing Safari. Embarking on a Kenya safari trip in 2018/19, you are guaranteed exquisite views of some incredible scenery. Possibly including the world famous Mounts Kenya and Kilimanjaro dependent on the course of your excursion. But rather than simply looking at the globally renowned peaks. You actually have the unbelievable opportunity to climb them with a Supremo Adventures Climbing Safari in 2018/19.

Safari Excursion

The chance to scale Africa’s highest point is rare and puts those who take on and succeed at the challenge of a select group. Within our six-day trek up Mount Kilimanjaro, the Marangu or “Coca-Cola” route will be utilized. Favored for its gradual sloping and housing of several sleeping huts, which will act as dormitory-style accommodations during your excursion. Both departing from and terminating in Mombasa, our mountain climbing safari trips to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro also incorporate an acclimatization day mid-trek, so it’s not all hard work!

Breathtaking Scenery

The work you do put in to reach the absolute summit of Africa will certainly be worth it, however. Your reward materializing in the form of some absolutely astounding views that simply cannot be replicated anywhere else in the world. Despite the 360km distance between the two. Mount Kenya is clearly visible from Kilimanjaro’s Oilman’s Point on a clear day. Whilst you will also be privy to spectacular views of the glacier-populated African landscape. Taking full advantage of a photo opportunity by a sign atop Mount Kilimanjaro confirming your achievement. You will have all the bragging ammunition necessary for when you return home to friends and family!

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For further information about booking a 2018/19 mountain climbing safari, or any of our tremendous family safari trips and excursions in 2018/19, please contact our team of expert travel advisors, who can help you plan your dream safari trip today.

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