Kenyan Safari to Amboseli National Park

Amboseli National Park Safari

Experiencing a safari trip is most definitely a once in a lifetime opportunity that you should grab with both hands! Amboseli National Park is a true gem since it is one of the most accessible safari parks from Nairobi. Whether you’re an annual safari jet-setter or looking for your first walk on the wild side, you should experience a safari trip to Amboseli National Park with Supremo Adventures.

Amboseli National Park Safari

Set your own tour dates for the Amboseli National Park Day Trip from Supremo Adventures. The trip has numerous highlights, including Amboseli National Park, Mount Kilimanjaro, a Savanna drive on the route to Amboseli, the opportunity to see the Masai country where you’ll see elephants, giraffes, zebras, lions, cheetahs, buffalo, ostriches, as well as local tribes and cultures. The early morning drive is approximately 250 km on a smooth road, which takes approximately three and a half hours, arriving at Amboseli in time for a mid-morning game viewing drive. What’s more, the day trip includes an extra game viewing drive before leaving Amboseli for Nairobi where you arrive in the early evening.

Overnight option for Amboseli

At Supremo Adventures, we also provide you with the option to have an overnight stay in Amboseli. The Amboseli overnight safari highlights include the opportunity to see large elephant herds, Mount Kilimanjaro peaks and The Big Five. The trip also features a trip to ‘Observation Hill’, which allows an overall view of the Amboseli Park, with particular emphasis on the swamps and elephants. In fact, the swamp below Observation Hill is home to many elephant, buffaloes, hippos and a variety of water fowls like a pelican and Egyptian goose. The trip also promises the opportunity to learn about contemporary Masai culture and their indigenous lifestyle.

Amboseli and Mount Kilimanjaro

The Amboseli tour with Mount Kilimanjaro safari tour consists of a 3 day, 2-night safari trip, departing from Nairobi. The tour spends 2 nights at the Amboseli game reserve, where you can experience numerous game viewing drives, in the shadows of Mount Kilimanjaro. The views of snow-capped Mount Kilimanjaro will undoubtedly enhance your game viewing spectacle, as well as provide a magnificent background for your photographs. You’re sure to want to put these holiday snaps in a frame!

Amboseli Tours with Supremo Adventures

If you’re interested in exploring everything that Amboseli National Park then why not Contact Us Online today for more information. Supremo Adventures has amassed a reputation for offering the most incredible; Memorable Amboseli Safari Tours that give you the opportunity to view everything Kenya has to offer.

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