This is one of the most atmospheric parks in Africa. It is located at Naivasha near the capital Nairobi. This park’s name comes from the intense geothermal activities that are within the park’s boundaries. With a spectacular scenery and great wildlife to match, Hells Gate National park is a getaway that allows one to experience an incredible quarter of the great Rift Valley.
The Park is easily accessible from Nairobi as it is 90 kilometers from the city. It is situated 5kms from Naivasha town. Naivasha airstrip located at Naivasha town, allows visitors who travel by air to access the park easily. The park has a great view of towering cliffs, stack rock towers such as the towering towers and Fischer’s tower, gorges at the park that are water gouged. One also gets to enjoy scenes of belching geothermal steam. It also has one of the unrivalled views of Lake Nakuru, Mt Longonot and the Aberdare Ranges. The Hells Gate National park is home to numerous wildlife including gazelles, baboons, hartebeests, African buffaloes, giraffes, elands and other game animals. The park is also home to over 100 species of birds including vultures, swifts, Augur bizzards and verreuxs eagles.

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