Animal Collection on Kenya Safari

Animal Collectives you’ll see on Kenya Safari

Do you consider yourself somewhat of a Dr. Doolittle? Maybe your kids are more like a troop of chimpanzees than the iPad clutching children we so often see every day. Then the wild is the place for you. We’re not saying quit your job and leave your world behind, we’re saying maybe you should take a holiday that will pique your interests and provide adventure. If you’re anything like us and you prefer vast open landscapes with an abundance of wildlife to the hustle and bustle of the city then a Kenya safari trips holiday adventure is the perfect vacation.

Delightful Congregation of Kenya’s Wildlife

Any wildlife enthusiasts will be well aware of the varying names of the different groups of animals. For example, a group of Bison is called a herd. Many collective names for animals are well known but some might surprise you. So in the interest of preparing for a Kenya safari trips holiday let’s have a look at a few.

A Pride of Lions

Okay, so this is one of the most obvious ones. Who doesn’t know that a group of lions is called a pride? And we don’t believe that there’s any other name more appropriate for a group of these majestic animals. Pride can also be applied to the feeling you have upon viewing these spectacular big cats on a Kenya safari.

A Coalition of Cheetahs

The female of the species, in this case, is most commonly a solitary animal except when they are rearing their young. It is the males that tend to form groups or coalitions as they are known. A coalition is considered a treaty between individuals within a group and the act of joining forces. Very fitting.

A Memory of Elephants

A Memory of Elphants
A Memory of Elephants At Amboseli National Park

A group of elephants is most commonly referred to as a herd but did you know a herd of elephants is sometimes called a Memory? Reason for this is likely because of the phrase ‘An Elephant Never Forgets’ or maybe that when you view a herd of elephants on your Kenya safari trips, this is likely to become a Memory you’ll never forget!

A Crash or Stubbornness of Rhino

A Crash or Stubbornness of Rhino
A Crash or Stubbornness of Rhino

Now, this is a fun one and we can’t decide which one is our favorite! The crash is very apt as you could imagine that a group of Rhino is very capable of crashing through almost anything but we also think stubborn is very fitting, and if you’ve ever had the pleasure of being held up by a rhino road block on a Kenya safari trip, you’ll understand why.

A Herd, Troop, Gang or Obstinacy of Buffalo

A Herd, Troop, Gang or Obstinacy of Buffalo
A Herd, Troop, Gang or Obstinacy of Buffalo

Take your pick! I think whoever penned the names for a group of Buffalo couldn’t decide which one fits best and neither can we. Maybe you will have a better time deciding when you see these amazing animals for yourself.

A leap of Leopards

Okay, so this one we can all agree on. What would another adjective spring to mind as you spy a group of leopards? Suddenly see them jump or of course, leap into action? On a Kenya Safari trip, a leap of leopards is a rare sight and one which many say is a treasure to behold.

Come and See for Yourself on Kenya Safari Trips

So we’ve only looked at a few of the animals you’re likely to see while on your Kenya safari trip. List them all would be a never-ending task. Why not have a look for yourself and visit us on a Supremo Adventures Safaris and maybe see why some of them earned their collective names.

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Our selection of Kenya safari trips is designed to engage and entertain the whole family and provide unforgettable experiences. Leap at the chance at seeing the Leopards and have the vision of a frolicking group of elephants engrained in your memory. You can contact us by filling out the contact form featured on our contact us page and a member of the Supremo Adventures team will be in touch within 12 hours. Alternatively, give us a call direct on +254 722 672 317. We look forward to hearing from you!

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