Zoo gorilla shows ‘surprise’ at new owners

A gorilla at the Cincinnati Zoo has been the subject of an online petition calling for it to be returned to its previous owner.

The petition, which has garnered more than 10,000 signatures, says that the zoo’s gorilla Harambe has been treated badly since being taken from the Cincinnati zoo in 2012.

The zoo says that its new owner, a company that owns the Cincinnati park, has taken steps to rehabilitate Harambe and is taking steps to ensure that he will not be harmed again.

The new owner of the zoo, which opened in 2014, has a different ownership history, the petition states.

But the zoo says it is concerned that the new owner will not take the necessary steps to make Harambe safe and that he may take steps that will put his gorilla in harm’s way.

The Cincinnati Zoo says that it is committed to taking the appropriate steps to protect Harambe.

It says that Harambe was euthanized after being bitten by a child.

It also says that no charges have been filed against the new owners.

A Cincinnati Zoo spokesman says that zoo staff have taken steps since Harambe’s death to rehabilitatethe gorilla, including training him to interact with other gorillas.

In an emailed statement, the Cincinnati Zookeepers Association says that a new owner is required to take the steps outlined in the petition and that its members and the public deserve to know more.

Harambe had been a member of the Cincinnati team since 2013, when the zoo moved from its current home in Columbus, Ohio, to its new home in the Bronx Zoo.

The Bronx Zoo is owned by the nonprofit Animal Care Trust.

It was founded in 1972.

In a statement, Animal Care Foundation CEO Steve O’Donnell said that he is grateful for the zoo and its staff and is committed in the long-term to protecting and restoring the gorilla’s health.

“We are grateful that this petition has been brought forward and hope it will lead to a prompt resolution to the issue,” he said.