Palm Beach Zoo’s ‘palm beige’ gorilla is the only one left

The only gorilla at Palm Beach’s Palm Beach Gardens Zoo is a palm-beige one with a green coat.

And it was named Harambe.

The zoo’s conservation officer, Mike DeStefano, said Monday the gorilla, a two-year-old male named Harambey, was named for the comedian and actor, who was killed by a gunman on June 12, 2016.

DeStefato said the gorilla is a bit different than the other gorillas at the zoo.

Harambe is more of a tomboy, DeStevano said.

He was born in the gorilla enclosure but he had been roaming around with his mom, who is a female, for most of his life.

DeAngelo said the male gorilla, who weighs about 10 pounds, is an ambassador for the zoo to the world and the first gorilla to be born from an artificial insemination program.

Harambey’s father, George, a veterinarian, also had a baby gorilla, so he had access to that.

Harambee’s father and the male gorillas are also on exhibit at the museum.

Harambe has a yellow, two-tone coat and is white, according to DeStefi.

The zoo says he is the first of the male and female gorillas to be raised from an inseminated egg.

The male gorilla is called Harambe II, which means “peace,” according to a website that promotes the zoo, but Harambe III is Harambe IV.

A few other gorilla species are available for insemiations, DeAngelo said.

The only male gorilla at the Palm Beach zoo is a white male gorilla named Harambee.

The museum has a variety of exhibits that include a baby Gorilla in a box, which was recently moved from the Zoo’s Elephant and Giraffe enclosure to the Zoo Tropical Zoo.

Harambees were in the Elephant and giraffe enclosure and they’ve been there since the zoo opened in 1997, De Angelo said.

In March, the zoo announced it would not be breeding the first baby gorilla.

A baby Harambee was born on March 19.

DeSteffano said he had hoped to have the gorilla born in 2019.

He has said that the zoo will not breed another baby gorilla and is focusing on breeding two gorillas.