How to get to a free pumpkin patch at the Oklahoma Zoo

The Oklahoma Zoo’s free pumpkin-patch is one of the best spots in the state, according to a new survey.

Oklahoma is the only state that does not require all visitors to be accompanied by a dog, but it does encourage people to bring their own if they can’t get their hands on one, according a report from Mashable.

The Oklahoma City Zoo has a similar free pumpkin park, which also serves as a free-to-play arcade.

A free pumpkin garden at the Cretaceous-era Oklahoma Zoo in Oklahoma City.

(Photo: Courtesy of Oklahoma Zoo)Oklahoma City, a city of about 1.5 million people, has a long history of hosting free, seasonal events.

The Oklahoman reported in 2017 that the city hosted its first pumpkin patch in October, and it has held free, family-friendly events every year since, including the Pumpkin Festival and the Fall Festival.

The Oklahoma City zoo has a pumpkin patch for visitors to enjoy.

(Image: Courtesy Oklahoma Zoo )In 2018, Oklahoma City hosted its biggest pumpkin-pricing ever.

The zoo was open from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., and there were hundreds of thousands of pumpkins on display.

It sold out of more than 5 million pumpkins, the zoo said.

Oklahomans can purchase tickets to the free pumpkin event at the zoo, or online.

The Zoo will sell a limited number of free pumpkin patches throughout the day.