How to watch the upcoming Audubon World Safari at your local zoo

Gwoza Zoo in New York City has a new attraction coming to the park: the Audubons, a four-legged zebra that is the zoo’s most popular attraction.

The park will be holding its fifth World Safari on July 18th and will be taking guests on a bird-friendly safari through its zoo’s gardens and petting zoo, which will feature an adorable 3-D printed version of the giraffe.

Guests will also be able to view the giraffes in person.

“Audubons have a special place in our hearts, and we’re so excited to be introducing the world to this unique species in its natural habitat,” Gwozo Zoo President, David Bock, said in a statement.

“This World Safari will be a truly unique experience that will take guests on an incredible journey through our park’s gardens, petting zoos and a natural-history museum, as we celebrate the animal’s amazing history.”

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