What if the world’s biggest gorilla didn’t know that it was a lion?

A gorilla who is seen only as a cute cartoon animal has taken a swipe at the zoo that made him famous by calling him a lion.

Gorilla Harambe, whose real name is Jonathan, had been at the Zoos in Cincinnati, Ohio, since early January, after being adopted by Cincinnati Zoo keeper Cameron Park.

He had been part of a circus troupe in Cincinnati called The Gorilla Gang, and his name was part of the name of the zoo.

Harambe’s name has been part the zoo’s name ever since, but the zoo never officially adopted him, nor did it name him.

Harambbe, however, was seen as a giant when he first arrived, and many zoo patrons have taken to calling him Gorilla Haramby.

Zoo staff members had a hard time getting a hold of him when he was in Cincinnati.

He was spotted by visitors as early as a few days before his arrival, and the zoo didn’t officially adopt him until early February.

Haramby is still missing, and according to reports, he’s been found in a forest somewhere in Tanzania, where he may have been shot or kidnapped.

In a statement posted on the zoo website, Haramby’s trainer, Jason White, called the zoo “very generous” and said Haramby has a lot of love in his heart and is grateful for all the love he’s received.

Harambys story was amazing and he’s very grateful to all the people who have shown so much love for him, White said.

The zoo also released a photo of Haramby on social media showing him in a gorilla suit.

“We’ve never been more grateful for our gorilla family,” White said in the statement.

“I will miss you all.”

The zoo has yet to respond to the statement, but Haramby did post a video of himself with Haramby and said he was looking forward to seeing them again.

“My name is Gorilla, and I’m here to welcome you home, my love,” Haramby said.

“Gorillas are beautiful animals.

They are gentle and gentle-hearted creatures, but they have amazing intelligence and a strong sense of humor.

I know it’s true for Haramby, and you’ll never guess how true it is.”

The full video can be viewed below.

Harambies story is one of the most inspiring of all time, and we are proud to have been able to capture the spirit of this wonderful animal.

Thank you for your support.

Please help the zoo find my Haramby pic.twitter.com/yJYvVn1Q1Z — Jonathan Haramby (@jonathanharamby) March 14, 2021