When the bionic eye becomes a pet

The Miami Zoo has won the battle to bring its famous bionic arm to life.

The bionic ear of the animal will become a pet for the first time on July 17, the zoo announced on its official Facebook page.

The world-famous animal has been a staple of zoo’s life since its inception in 1878.

It has been used to monitor animals and conduct research and study since the 1950s.

Zoo officials said the bionis were initially designed to treat people with hearing loss.

The zoo has now decided to give them a second life as pets and are looking for sponsors.

The first animal to receive a bionic was the blue whale, who had a 3D printed ear which could sense its surroundings and respond to sounds.

Zoos around the world have used the technology to aid people with disabilities in the past.

In the past few years, some animal experts have spoken out against the use of the technology.

Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe said in April that bionic ears were not acceptable in the country and should not be used in people’s homes.