Why you need to watch ‘The Lego Movie’ (and why you won’t)

A new film from director Justin Lin that focuses on the relationship between a young boy and his Lego creations may not have you believing in magic, but the story is worth a watch if you’re curious about the world of creation.

A LEGO movie is a film about the Lego toy brand, which was launched in 1986.

It’s about a boy named Matt (Michael Shannon) who becomes obsessed with a toy named Lego, a name that stands for the LEGO Technic, which stands for The Lego Company.

Matt’s life takes a dramatic turn when he discovers his Lego house is home to a secret, mystical and all-encompassing city called the Land of the Living Lego, which has a lot of magic and wonders.

While a lot has been written about the LEGO universe, many people haven’t heard of Matt’s father (Benjamin Thomas), who is a former scientist and inventor, and his father’s sister, Martha (Emilia Clarke), who has an obsession with her Lego house.

The two girls become so obsessed with their home that they are even trying to build it into the Land.

Matt’s obsession leads him to an adventure to find the land of the living, where he finds that his father is still alive.

The Land of The Living Lego has a magic system that can transform a toy into an item that can be used by anyone.

The story is set in a future where the Lego company has been struggling to find new ways to make toys.

The company has spent decades trying to figure out ways to improve the quality of their toys and have gone through various iterations, including using a machine that was capable of creating a living being called the “Living Lego.”

This is when the company started to release new toys, such as the new Powerpack, which had an extra set of arms and legs, and the Space Brick.

But the company also made other new toys.

The LEGO company had been looking for a new toy company to take over its business for a few years, but a new venture that had a similar goal as the Lego brand came about.

The new company, called Mixels, is based in New York City.

Mixels CEO, Justin Lin, is a professor of physics at MIT and has been involved with creating many inventions.

He has also founded a company called Magic Leap, which is based out of Los Angeles.

Mixels was founded in 2009 by former MIT professor, Chris Dixon, who had previously founded a robotics company called Autodesk.

After joining Mixels and partnering with the company, Dixon founded Mixels to create the first computer-controlled, 3D printed toy.

The first toy was released in 2011, but Dixon was fired from the company in 2012, and he eventually left Mixels.

Lin is the director of the upcoming “Mixels,” which was made by Magic Leap and focuses on Matt.

Lin is also the co-writer of the film, which stars Julia Stiles, John C. Reilly, and Emma Stone.

The film opens nationwide on May 14, 2017.

A big reason why the film may not be as compelling as the LEGO movies is because of the themes of friendship and family that are explored.

Lin said that it was important to explore how families and friendship affect Matt and Martha, and it is interesting to see how their lives intersect in the film.

The Lego movies focus on Matt’s relationship with his dad, but it’s also interesting to learn how his relationship with the Lego world affects him.

Matt is a genius, but there are also some serious problems that Matt faces as he struggles to overcome his fears.

It is unclear how Matt will survive and the movie is not without its flaws, such the lack of real time, which may have led to some pacing issues.

But Lin is not afraid to tackle big themes that can affect people’s lives.

Lin said that Mixels is a fun film that has many great ideas, and that he and Mixels executive producer, Joe Cornish, were inspired by the movie “Moby-Dick” when they were first starting out and that they’ve worked hard to get to this point.

Lin has also said that he was inspired to start the film by the film “Mulan,” about an Asian woman in China who goes to a foreign country and falls in love with the culture, which he says is something that he thinks can happen to anyone.

Lin was in London recently for the opening of the new LEGO park at The Royal Albert Hall, where the first LEGO sets were released.

He shared some of the secrets behind his new film with The Globe and Mail.

The film centers around Matt, who is obsessed with the LEGO world and has a love of the technology.

Matt also has a girlfriend, Martha, who wants to explore the world more and wants to have kids.

Matt has to find ways to live without Martha.

The films themes, which are often the most interesting and emotional in the movie, center around friendship and the