Why Bergen County Zoo is not the best choice for pet adoptions

Bergen, N.J. — As the city of Bergen prepares to reopen its zoo, it is looking at ways to make adoptions easier for residents and visitors.

A study by the city’s zoo commission found that the city was the worst of the nine in terms of adopting pets and had one of the lowest adoption rates of zoo animals.

“We’ve got some things that we’re looking at right now that will make it easier for people to adopt animals, like providing an adoption center,” said Bergen City Manager Mark Schiermeier.

The city’s adoption center is located in the zoo’s basement and is open from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday through Friday, for anyone with a pet.

The adoption center also has pet adoption events and a pet adoption hotline.

Schiermeier said the zoo will make changes to improve its adoption process.

The zoo is looking into how to provide a pet-friendly environment for visitors.

“The way the city manages the animals in the city is a very important part of our mission as a public entity and we want to make sure that we are giving people the right information,” he said.

“And we want them to know that they can find the best care for their pets.”

The city also plans to hire a new assistant city manager to oversee the zoo and its operations.

The city will pay $40,000 for that position and hire a person with a master’s degree or higher, Schiermeyer said.

Schierer said the city also is considering opening a pet adopt facility.

“Our hope is that once we open that, we’ll be able to have a very large pool of people who want to adopt, that we can take on and we can make sure we’re taking care of the animals,” he added.