The Natural Bridge Zoo’s Natural Bridge Zoological Sanctuary is set to open its doors to visitors in 2018

A natural bridge zoological sanctuary is set for completion in the US, with the opening of its doors in 2018.

The Natural Bridges Zoological Park in Cincinnati, Ohio, will offer visitors an animal sanctuary in which to experience nature and nurture a love of animals, said the zoo’s website.

“The Natural Bridges Zoo is a place where you can explore natural wonders, meet new people and learn about the natural world, in an environment where your interactions are free and safe,” the zoo said.

The park will also feature “a unique, immersive experience, complete with the most challenging wildlife encounters ever recorded”.

It was created in 2014 and was originally designed to serve as a “sustainable and sustainable-based” sanctuary, the zoo explained.

“It’s an institution built on the foundations of a partnership with the Cincinnati Zoo and will be an integral part of Cincinnati’s ongoing efforts to reduce its environmental footprint.”

The Natural bridges zoo is set on the banks of the Cincinnati River, located near the city’s central business district.

It will feature a variety of natural attractions including wildlife exhibits, a petting zoo, a walking path and a wildlife refuge.

“Our mission is to offer a unique and unique experience, that is completely open to all who want to explore our natural heritage and the wildlife that call it home,” the website said.

“We believe the Natural Bridges Wildlife Refuge will be a fantastic resource for our guests to enjoy, with a diverse range of wildlife and plants that you can interact with and see for yourself.”

The park is the first in the Cincinnati area to open.

The zoo’s mission is for all animals to thrive, and to “create an environment that is not only beautiful but is also safe, sustainable and accessible for all people,” the company said.

Animals and the natural environment are a big part of the Natural Bridge Zoos mission, and the zoo has already taken steps to help prevent wildlife and habitats from being harmed.

In 2018, the Cincinnati zoo partnered with the US Fish and Wildlife Service to establish a national wildlife refuge, and has already provided refuge to more than 20 species of animals and plants.

The sanctuary is the largest in the city of Cincinnati and is home to over 1,300 animals.

“I am proud to be able to help ensure the health and safety of our wildlife and natural environments by fostering a safe, natural and sustainable habitat for our wildlife, our plants and our visitors,” the Natural bridges Zoological Director, Jennifer Schaller, said.