When ‘Wilde’ zoo opens, people go wild in ‘wild’ New York

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – When the wildest zoo in New York opens next week, it will not be for tourists or for the amusement of the public.

Instead, the New York State Zoo will open as a science lab for the public to explore and explore to the fullest.

The New York state Zoo is expected to open in the spring, which means zoo visitors will have a few weeks to visit before they get to the zoo.

“It’s kind of a different experience than I expected to be able to get to,” Zoo Director of Operations, Nancy DeCarlo told CBS2’s Judy Gluck.

DeCarlo said the zoo is not doing anything that would jeopardize public safety or visitors safety.

“They’re looking for the best way to manage the visitor experience,” DeCarlios response said.

“We are looking to use the public realm to create a space that is very intimate, where people feel comfortable and safe, and where they can really be with the animals, and the staff and the community,” she said.

De Carlo said she and other zoo staff will be looking to help create a community atmosphere, and she said people should feel free to visit as often as they want.

She said the idea is to make it as inviting as possible for people to visit, and to create an environment that allows them to enjoy themselves and be a part of the zoo.

“This is a science project that is a really good example of why we do research, how do we apply scientific findings to people, and why do we care,” she explained.

“The public is going to be part of that,” she added.

The zoo will also feature a “wild-animal exhibition,” and zoo visitors should feel welcomed.

De Carolos said it will be a “quiet and peaceful” experience.

“It’s not like a zoo where people have to interact with each other.

You are not going to have a line or anything like that,” De Carlo told the station.

The public can check out the zoo through a dedicated website, zoosubway.com.

Zoo visitors will be able view live feeds of the animals in the lab and even get to try the zoo’s unique experiments, including live animals with special needs and “animal-assisted therapy.”

The zoo also plans to host a “diversity event” on Thursday.

The zoo will host an open house, a “museum-like” display and a “laboratory day.”

Visitors will also be able experience zoo animals by taking part in the zoo “zoo tour.”

Zoo staff members are “really excited” about the project and they hope people will enjoy it as much as they did the last time they visited.