Man killed by crocodile in Tumakuru forest

A man has been killed by a crocodile near Tumakauru, in the north of the state, authorities said.

The man was shot by a local man in the forest near the village of Kukulikalani in the Tumikulakuru district, said Sankaraman Nimbul, a forest department officer.

He added that the man died at the hospital.

A resident of Kulkathiram, who did not want to be named, said he saw the man with a gun on the ground.

The incident came a day after a man was killed by the same crocodile while walking in the same area, Nimbullah said.

Police have not yet provided any details on the nature of the man’s injuries, but said he may have been shot in the neck.

The state government has ordered an inquiry into the killing and the case would be sent to a judicial commission.

The Tumkurikalai people are tribal people, who have long been involved in the struggle against the timber industry, and were involved in armed protests against the logging of the forest in 2007.