St. Louis Zoo to open in 2018

St. Paul, Minn.

— The St. Lawrence County Zoo will open its doors in 2018 with a $500,000 gift from a company that is planning to bring a brand-new animal to the state.

The St. Cloud Zoo will be the first St.

Louis Zoo to offer its captive carnivores a new home, with a total of 16 animals.

The zoo will be located at 830 Main St. in St. Charles, a short walk from the St. Vincent De Paul Hospital in Duluth.

The facility is a 100-acre facility that includes the zoo’s breeding program and the state’s largest exhibit, the largest mammal breeding facility in the United States, according to a press release from the zoo.

The zoo will hold the inaugural breeding session on April 18, 2018 and the first breeding pair of pups is expected to arrive in June.

“We are excited to have this exciting new partnership with St. Joseph Zoo and its breeding program,” St. Mary’s County Commissioner Jeff LeVaughn said in a press statement.

“With the St-Joseph Zoo and the Stl Zoo offering us a great opportunity to provide this first breeding opportunity to these two amazing animals, we can now move forward with this exciting project and are excited for the future.”

St. Louis County Zoo President and CEO Jim Gantzer said the partnership with the St Lawrence County Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services was “an important one.”

“This is a very exciting time in our history as the Sts.

Louis Valley is experiencing a population explosion in its first year of existence, and we are thrilled to have St. Joe Zoo in our midst,” Gantner said in the press release.

The donation is one of three that the zoo has received from a group of private foundations since November 2015, including $150,000 from the Charles River Foundation and $100,000 each from the John J. Reynolds Foundation and the James G. Miller Foundation.

The other two foundations were the David H. and Nancy R. Smith Foundation and The Miller Foundation, which is named after Charles and Nancy Miller.

The Miller Family Foundation is a charitable trust that was formed by the two brothers, Charles Miller and his wife, Nancy, in 2001.

The gift comes as St. Martin’s County has announced it will be opening a new zoo in 2021 and opening a two-acre breeding facility.

The new zoo will house an estimated 1,000 animals.

The city of St. James, Minnesota, will also begin a $1.9 million donation to the zoo in 2018.