How to find the right zoo in the bay area for your baby

A lot of people think of the Oakland Zoo as a cute little petting zoo.

The zoo’s name, Palomar, is a reference to a tree in the forest that once grew from the tree in which the animals lived.

But that tree is not the only thing the zoo has in common with the tree.

For one thing, both trees were planted to provide shade and protection from the elements.

Palomar and the Oakland Zoo have both had their fair share of controversy, too.

In February, zoo officials began to receive reports of sick animals being left unattended in the animals’ enclosure for hours at a time.

One woman wrote to the zoo saying her son’s name was “Seth” and that the zoo was not home for him.

The boy had been left in his enclosure for over two weeks and died after an accident.

On June 28, zoo employees discovered a dead kitten on the zoo grounds and immediately alerted police.

Oakland police officers took a few hours to identify the kitten, and after a lengthy investigation, arrested and charged the zoo employee, Officer Michael Gorman, with animal cruelty and failing to provide adequate care for an animal.

Oaklands city council voted to suspend the zoo’s contract and the zoo will have to shut down for a few weeks.