The Latest: ‘We are the world’s biggest zoo’: Hawaii Zoo

Honolulu Zoo in Hawaii announced that it has hired a new director who will lead the zoo’s conservation program.

Honolulu Zoo’s director of conservation is named as Brian J. Wills, a retired zoo ranger.

He joins a growing roster of zoo employees who have left the zoo in recent years amid rising costs and a growing focus on climate change.

Honokaika Zoo in the U.S. has announced the departure of its longtime director.

The zoo announced Friday that it is severing its contract with John B. Clements, who served as director since 2016.

The announcement came as Honolulu Zoo continues to battle rising costs.

Honkaika Zoo, in Hawaii, is the largest wild animal exhibit in the world.

The Zoo’s first year in operation in 2013 was the biggest ever in terms of visitors.