Zoo map updated to include new zoo, South Carolina

A new map of South Carolina’s zoos has been updated to show where zoo map locations have been updated.

Zoos around the state have been scrambling to update their maps to reflect new developments, like the discovery of the “crocodile carcass,” which is believed to be a new species.

The map shows where the state’s zoo locations have changed, and where they are still open.

Zoo map updated with new locationThe zoo map, which was updated Wednesday, shows where zoo maps are open.

The zoo in Greensboro, North Carolina, where Cecil the lion was killed, had previously been open to visitors, and has been open since 2013.

The zoo has since been closed due to the discovery, and a new one opened this year.

The latest update also shows that the zoo is open to public after having closed for the last several months due to ongoing threats.

Websites and social media sites have been flooded with comments from people calling the zoo’s closure a disgrace, as well as those calling for the closure of other zoos.

The updated map also shows a new location for the zoo, in a new part of the state known as the “Tahoe Basin.”

It’s a name the zoo used to refer to the region, but now the zoo has changed its name to the Tahoe Basin Zoo.

The Zoo map has not been updated since 2016.