Why the Houston Zoo Lights the Neighborhood with a Million Lights

On Wednesday, the Houston Public Library unveiled a program that will change the way Houstonians experience its urban core and the zoo.

The program, called Houston Lights, will feature over 150,000 LED lights that will be put on in neighborhoods throughout the city, including the city’s downtown.

It will include a giant LED screen to show visitors where to find the most light and will offer more information on how the lights will affect the environment, including how to use them for landscaping, recreation, and other activities.

The lights are part of a larger initiative to light up the city.

In the city of Houston, the lights were installed on the north side of the city in April, in neighborhoods like the Warehouse District, the Old Town, the Warehouse, and East Village.

There are plans to install more in the future, including more in and around the Convention Center and a large new park.

Houston Lights is part of the larger plan to light the city up, according to the library.

The city will spend $2 million over the next five years on lighting improvements to neighborhoods throughout its core.

It has hired several lighting consultants to make the city lights even brighter.

The project will also be funded with $1.2 million in public money, the library said.