Aussie’s mother-in-law ‘killed by zoo’ after her dog attacks her

A man in the Melbourne CBD has been charged with murdering his mother-and-son zoo keeper in a vicious attack.

Key points:The man was charged with the murder of zoo keeper’s son, 21, and the attempted murder of his mother’s daughterA man has been identified as the suspect in the death of zoo’s keeperTasmania’s animal welfare commissioner has said the incident has “hit close to home”The man allegedly attacked his mother as she and her husband walked home from work last week and shot and killed her son, who was aged 16.

A witness told police the man then left the scene in a white SUV.

“He drove off in a grey or white vehicle and it’s a dark colour,” the witness said.

“His face is visible from where I am.

He is wearing a dark grey jacket, black trousers and a white cap.”

The witness said the man had black hair and wore a mask.

Police have charged the man with the attempted murders of the zoo keeper and her daughter.

“This is a tragic incident and the police are investigating and liaising with animal welfare and the local community,” Tasmania’s Animal Protection Commissioner, John McLean, said in a statement.

“The family is devastated by this terrible incident and we are working with animal control to assist them in their recovery.”

Our thoughts are with the zoo staff and zoo visitors affected by this tragedy.

“Tasmanian Police said the vehicle had been reported stolen.

The zoo keeper, who had been working in the conservation centre for 10 years, was the mother of a 19-month-old boy.

Police said the young man had suffered from mental health issues, but the investigation was ongoing.”

We can confirm the investigation into the circumstances of the incident is ongoing,” a spokeswoman for the Tasmanian Department of Parks and Wildlife said.

The man had previously been charged over the murder in May 2016 of his father.

In February 2016, a woman was killed by her son after she hit him with a car after he tried to jump on her roof.

In June 2016, an 18-year-old man was stabbed to death after he allegedly hit another man with a baseball bat in an incident in Perth’s west.