Zoo cast members cast in new documentary about the ‘tremendous’ animals


— Zoo cast members have been cast as an endangered species and an endangered bird in a new documentary that documents the plight of animals at California’s zoos.

The documentary, called “Paleo,” is about the plight and rehabilitation of the endangered San Francisco bat.

A clip from the documentary was shown at the World Wildlife Fund’s annual conservation conference in Santa Barbara on Thursday.

“Our bats are a living, breathing reminder of how much of our planet they live on, how they have shaped our planet for millennia,” said Scott Bostock, president and CEO of the World Conservation Congress, which produced the documentary.

“As conservationists, we know they can be an amazing source of inspiration for people, and they can help us see the incredible value of conservation efforts, and their importance in making our planet habitable for all future generations.”

In addition to the bats, the documentary also includes the critically endangered endangered California sea lion and an elusive endangered leopard.

The bats are listed as endangered under the Endangered Species Act.