When Cameron Park Zoo closed: ‘We are going to miss you’

It was Cameron Park, Virginia, in 2017, a city that would go on to lose more than 2,500 animals in a year.

At the time, the zoo’s owners were looking to expand its facilities, but with the death of one of its employees, the idea of relocating to Georgia was shelved.

Today, Cameron Park’s main exhibit is a modern replica of a zoo in the U.S. capital.

But it’s a museum of sorts, complete with an exhibit and a garden.

“We are now moving on to a new home,” said Mark McBride, the park’s curator.

The new facility is called the Cameron Park Wildlife Center, and it has been named the “first ever wildlife center in the United States.”

It was created to provide a safe, nurturing environment for the parks animals, which includes a sanctuary and an education and research facility.

It also aims to expand the zoo, which is currently in the process of expanding its exhibits and attractions.

Cameron Park is a small community, but it’s filled with a large amount of residents and visitors, said McBride.

He said it’s important for visitors to know that it’s safe for visitors, too.

“It’s a really nice place to visit, and we are hoping that people will take a look,” he said.

The Cameron Park zoo’s first full day of operations will be April 17, 2018, the day of the city’s first new building since the 2016 earthquake.

It will feature new exhibits, a new outdoor exhibit, and an expanded indoor exhibit, including a replica of the zoo in Washington.

The zoo has been open since 2016, and McBride said the building’s design is still being finalised.

The building will include a pavilion, an exhibit, a garden and an open space for visitors.

Cameron’s current facility is located in downtown Norfolk, and will be moved there sometime in 2018.

Cameron Parks website will provide more information on the zoo and the upcoming opening.