Inside the new Cleveland Zoo lights show to help the sick

The Cleveland Zoo announced on Tuesday that it will be turning its lights on at night to help sick animals get home.

The announcement comes a week after the zoo unveiled a video showing how the lights at its Cleveland facility could help animals get the rest of the day off.

“We are excited to announce that the Cleveland Zoo’s newest and most dramatic lighting project will be taking place at night, as part of a new program to provide additional energy for the animals and our guests, as well as to assist with the transition to a new day and a new season,” Cleveland Zoo President, Dr. Brian C. Brown, said in a statement.

“This program will help keep our animals healthy and happy, while also helping the animals who live at the zoo to recover from the recent severe winter.”

The Cleveland Zoo will be opening its new, bright lights at 6 p.m.

Wednesday, Jan. 13, which will be the first time the zoo has officially adopted the “Daylight Saving Time” schedule since 2003.

The Cleveland lights show will be at the Zoo’s central florence facility on the second floor of the Zoo, located at the southwest corner of the zoo’s main building.

The lights will be turned on at 6:30

The zoo also announced it will provide free admission to children and their families for the first week of January, when the Zoo will open its new LED lights show, which features a live performance by the Zoo Choir.

For the first two nights, the Zoo is opening the Zoo Show at dusk with the Zoo Boys Choir, with a variety of other special performances during the daytime hours.

The Zoo’s new nighttime shows are scheduled to begin in mid-January.