Zoo TV show ‘Bengen County Zoo’ to be filmed in 2018, with more to follow

It looks like this:A pair of lions that went missing in central England in 2018 were to be shown on the small screens at the Bristol County Zoo in May 2018, the Bristol Post reports.

The two lions, a male and a female, were last seen on May 2, 2018, while they were being fed and exercised by staff at the zoo in Bristol.

Two of the animals had been found by the staff, but both were not rehomed.

A search of the zoo was then carried out, but the animals were not found.

On Monday, it was revealed that the animals would be filmed at the Zoo in Bristol in 2018.

The pair had been rescued from a wild animal sanctuary in Gloucestershire and were on their way to the Bristol Zoo.

It was not immediately known what would be shown at the show.

It’s believed the lions were part of a show that was being filmed in the Bristol region, and are thought to be one of the largest zoos in the world.

It was reported in May that the zoo had been working with the local police to find the lions, but a source told the Bristol Gazette the police had been unable to locate the animals.

The zoo has been in the news recently for the death of two lions in the wild in 2016, and for the controversial handling of a female lion that was taken from a zoo in Wales.

The incident was described as “troubling” by the Bristol Daily Mail.