How to save money on your zoo tickets: Here’s how to find the best deal on tickets, zoo lights

We love our zoo tickets, but they can sometimes be a little hard to find.

Here are some tips to get the most bang for your buck.


Know what you’re getting into 2.

Know the zoo tickets are not cheap 3.

Ask your zoo ticket agent What to do if you’re not satisfied with your zoo admission The best way to save on your ticket purchase is to shop around and figure out what zoo tickets you can get.

That way, you’ll know what to expect when you arrive.

Here’s what you need to know about the zoo admission program: 1.

Zoo admission is a one-time purchase and doesn’t include a zoo pass.


There’s no set amount of time for zoo admission, and it depends on when you purchase your tickets.


Tickets are valid for two consecutive weeks.


Tickets may not be resold or exchanged for cash.


Ticket prices are based on the zoo’s general admission pricing.

The most expensive tickets can run up to $895, while the cheapest tickets are usually $150 or less.


Ticket sales can last up to 90 days.


Zoo ticket holders will be able to see animals from around the world.


The zoo does not accept credit cards or cash.


Tickets will be available at participating Zoo locations in the U.S. and Canada.


You can buy zoo admission at the zoo or at the visitor center.


Zoo tickets are free for zoo residents, with a $1.50 zoo admission fee.

The cost of zoo admission is not tax deductible.


Zoo passes are not available for purchase through the Zoo’s website.

The only zoo pass you need is a regular pass that’s valid for the duration of your visit to the zoo.


You’ll need to pay $15 at the gate for a ticket to the park.

If you need assistance booking a zoo ticket, call the park at 407-527-2345.


You won’t be able the zoo entrance until 8 p.m. on the first day of your zoo visit.

The entrance to the exhibit is closed to visitors on the day of the zoo opening.


You must bring your own animal in order to enter the zoo, and the zoo will only allow animals with tags or identification cards.


You cannot bring your pet inside the zoo for petting.


Pets must be in a crate or pen and cannot be placed inside of it.

Pets are not allowed in the Zoo and must be on a leash or leash-proof collar.

The Zoo’s public access gates will be closed at 7 p.s.m., but visitors can still walk through the enclosure to take in the zoo experience.

The doors to the Zoo are closed to the public on weekends and other holidays.

Zoo officials also encourage visitors to take advantage of the Zoo Visitor Center for pet shopping, pet exhibits, pet grooming, and pet adoption opportunities.

The visitor center is open on Tuesdays through Saturdays, and admission prices are $5 to $7 per day.