‘This is our life’: Memphians get a ‘pass’ to visit Portland Zoo, the first time in decades they can enter the animal exhibit


— This is the first year a Western state has granted visitors a pass to enter the Memphis Zoo.

The Memphis Zoo has been in operation since the 1930s, but visitors can only enter during peak season.

This year, the zoo said the zoo’s animal exhibits would be open to the public.

Memphis Zoo President Mike Ritter said the concession is meant to be a way for Memphis residents to enjoy the zoo while visiting a local zoo.

“This is what we have been waiting for,” Ritter told ABC News.

He said he and zoo staff hope visitors will enjoy seeing the animals they love, including giraffes, lions and other exotic animals.

While the concession does not allow visitors to see the animals, the concession will allow visitors a “pass” to enter and take photos, Ritter noted.

Ritter said Memphis Zoo staff have been “absolutely amazed” by the number of people who have expressed interest in the zoo.

Memphis officials say visitors to the zoo will enjoy the exhibits, including a large variety of animals.

Ritter noted that the concession allows visitors to “view” the animals while visiting, which allows them to “watch” the zoo from their seats.

Ritters hopes that Memphis Zoo visitors will find it “a wonderful experience.”