Indian Creek Zoo’s newest animal, a lion, arrives

On Monday, the Indian Creek Wildlife Management Area released its newest animal into the wild: a lion.

The lion’s name is Josephine, and he’s a male.

The name Josephine comes from the word “jine,” meaning “lion.”

The name “jines” means “lions” in Tagalog.

Josephine’s mother, Nita, was named for the lion.

He also has two older brothers, Sam and Joseph.

The three were named after the animals’ male relatives.

The zoo announced Josephine as the second male lion born at the Indian River Zoological Park, after the male named “Derek” arrived in January.

Derek was named after Derek the lion in Zootopia.

The Indian Creek Zoological Conservation Area, which runs the Indian Rivers Zoo in Jefferson Park, said the two male lions are part of a large family.

The group has five siblings and five great-grandchildren.

The Indian Creek family is about 90 years old.

Joeine is the first lion to be born in the Indian Lakes Zoo.

The Zoo previously announced a male lion named “Alyssa,” who is part of the Zoo’s “Lion and Unicorn” line, but she died after being born.

In 2017, the zoo’s new giraffe, a female named Misha, was born in a different zoo, in the U.S.

S Waddington.

In 2017, zoo officials also announced a female lion named Sarah, born in Germany, and a male named Thomas.

The two giraffes were born in separate zoological institutions, and the giraffe was taken to the Indian Lake Zoo, where she was named in honor of the great-great-granddaughter of founder and president George W. Wills, a great-niece of President Donald Trump.