Indian Creek Zoo season 4: “Frozen,” “Trollhunters,” “Logan’s Run” and more

The Indian Creek zoo in Jacksonville, Florida, opened its season 4 in April.

Season 4 saw the arrival of two new animals: an albino panda named Amelie, and an iguana named Triton.

These two iguanas are the second to be introduced to the Indian Creek region.

The zoo had previously released the first albina panda, but it was never seen in public.

Now, it has the second albined panda.

The zoo was founded in 2011 and has grown to house more than 3,200 animals.

The panda’s arrival is a sign that the Indian Lake Zoo is a success.

The first iguana arrived in March 2016, which was the first iguanita to be released in the Indian Lakes area.

In 2017, a baby white-billed kangaroo was born.

And in 2018, a pregnant iguana became the zoo’s first baby albine.

In 2019, the zoo added two more albines to the breeding program: a white-eyed kangaroos and a red-breasted black-footed kangar.

The albinated panda will be released this week.

Its release is a celebration of the zoo, and it’s a good reminder that zoos around the world continue to find new ways to promote wildlife conservation.

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