How to get free popcorn at the Denver Zoo hours and more

Hours after its closure, the Denver, Colorado, zoo is offering free popcorn to visitors for the next few days.

The zoo said in a statement on Thursday that the new deal was announced in partnership with popcorn company Corn-O-Rama.

According to the zoo, popcorn is a popular snack among visitors to the Denver zoo, and is an ideal snack for kids and seniors alike.

Corn-O ( will distribute popcorn and other snacks at the zoo from November 15 through March 31.

For a limited time, visitors will get free tickets to the theme park.

Visitors will also receive a “special discount” on admission to the museum during the same time period.

The special discount includes admission to two of the following exhibitions:Anthropology, with exhibits in the zoo’s Natural History Museum and an exhibit in the Botanical Garden, as well as free admission to any Museum Museum and Museum of Natural History during the discount period.

In addition, guests can visit the Zoo Museum, which has free admission and includes an exhibit with live wildlife.

According a zoo spokesperson, the new program is the zoo taking a more holistic approach to its popcorn sales.

It’s a good opportunity for the zoo to improve the way it sells popcorn, as many people come to the park to eat popcorn.

“Our goal is to encourage people to buy more popcorn in order to be able to enjoy it in the future,” the spokesperson said.

The deal is available online, in person or by phone.