Zoo season 4: Indian Creek Zoo previews a full season

The Indian Creek Park Zoo is set to return to the zoo circuit in a few weeks with season 4 of the Indian Creek Safari Park.

The zoo has been closed to visitors since September 30 after a devastating flood swept through the region, killing more than 100 animals and destroying at least 14 of its buildings.

In an effort to bring the zoo back to life, the zoo was awarded $500,000 by the Florida Department of Natural Resources (DNR) to begin restoration.

The money was awarded through the Wildlife Conservation Fund, a federal program that helps to rebuild natural habitats for endangered species.

The program is available to state, local, and tribal wildlife agencies, which in turn are eligible for federal grants to pay for the work.

This year, the Indian Lake Zoo is the first of the three Indian Creek parks to receive the $500K, with the others being the Boca Raton Zoo and the Jacksonville Zoo.

Indian Creek is located in the state of Florida’s eastern Gulf of Mexico and is located near the small town of Indian Creek.

In addition to the Indian Lakes Zoo, Indian Creek also hosts the Indian Springs Zoo, which is open for public tours.

Indian Springs, located just west of Indian Lake, is home to a large variety of wildlife including reptiles, birds, mammals, amphibians, and plants.

For more information about Indian Springs and its Zoo season, visit the zoo’s website.

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