Irish zoo animals ‘lucky to be alive’

LONDON — A wild animal at the zoo in London is lucky to be in the wild after an unknown number of visitors accidentally put her into the wrong enclosure.

The animal is now recovering from the mishap, which happened on Tuesday.

Zoo officials are trying to figure out what happened and whether the mistake could have happened again.

The wild animal, named ‘Dottie,’ was at the Zoo London, where she was being kept as a pet, when she was accidentally put into the enclosure of the animals nursery.

The zoo has now contacted police and is working to find out who could be responsible for the error.

It is not known if she has any relatives in the U.K. The incident happened at the end of a long day of visiting the zoo, where about 600 visitors visited on their way to the zoo.

A spokeswoman for the zoo said: “We have been made aware of an incident at the London Zoo.

Our thoughts are with the zoo and with Dottie.

We are now contacting police.”