How to make a T-shirt for your favorite bear at the Smithsonian zoo

Tulsa, Okla.

(AP) It might be a cool T-shirt, but it may not be your favorite: A bear that spent its first six years in captivity at the Boston Zoo will soon be making a new home in the Smithsonian’s zoo.

Teddy, the grizzly bear, was rescued in 2013 after spending his entire life in the Cincinnati Zoo.

He spent his first six months there before being brought to Tulsas zoo in late 2018.

Tens of thousands of people are expected to descend on the Smithsonian Zoo for a week-long exhibit this summer.

Todays exhibit will feature a bear that weighs nearly a ton and is only the second bear to be kept in a zoo.

It is the first time a bear has been housed in a permanent exhibit at the National Zoo.

Todsa zoo had to put a wall around Teddy in order to keep him contained because of his size, said zoo director and former Ohio Zoo Director Joe Dallara.

“The bear is a very active bear.

He loves to be around people,” Dallar said.

Tiny Teddy, who weighs just over a half-ton, is the second black bear to go into the Smithsonian National Zoo, following the black grizzly that was born in 2003.

Tigers at the Cincinnati zoo were the first black bears to live in the zoo.