A wild cat escapes zoo from quarantine

A wild kitten escaped from its enclosure at the Atlanta Zoo on Wednesday.

The zoo tweeted that a male wild cat escaped from a quarantine zone on Wednesday afternoon, saying that the cat is now “in quarantine.”

Zoo officials say that the wild cat was “reclaimed” by the staff and taken to the enclosure.

Zoo spokeswoman Sarah Hochman says that the enclosure was empty and the wild animal was found inside a cardboard box.

The wild cat is about two months old and has been spotted in the wild before.

It was first seen at the zoo on June 2, after a member of the public saw it and alerted the zoo.

It has since been seen at a zoo in Florida, and a resident at a petting zoo in Oregon.

The Atlanta Zoo says that wild animals are given to zoo visitors after being rescued from shelters.

Wildcat sightings are rare at the animal-centric zoo, which was built in 1939, but this is the first time that a wild animal has escaped from the enclosure since a wild kitten was rescued there in 2010.