When ‘animal kingdom’ goes wild, the zoo opens in Florida

On Monday, the New York City-based Palm Springs Zoo celebrated its 100th birthday.

With its grand opening, the 10-acre facility will be home to a variety of wildlife, including bears, tigers, giraffes, lions, leopards, zebras and other animals.

But this isn’t just a birthday bash.

The zoo also opened a branch office in Jacksonville, Fla., and is looking for new staff members.

The zoo has been struggling financially for years, and its current president, James R. Pashman, says it’s only gotten worse.

The news comes as the park and zoo are looking to get a new building in place for the expansion of its pet park.

The city is considering $20 million to build a larger building, but the zoo says it has already secured the funding for the new building.

The city’s approval for the project is contingent on finding a new location for the animal park, according to the Palm Springs News Journal.

“We are now on the verge of finding a site for the Zoo’s new animal and reptile habitat,” Pashmans spokesperson, Kelly Mays, told the newspaper.

“We will not be closing the Zoo or moving it to a temporary location in the near future.”

A number of other cities are also looking to add animal parks to their parks, and the city of Palm Springs is the latest to be considering that possibility.