Chattanoogan Zoo to start accepting cryptocurrency for zoo admission

Chattanoogans zoo is to begin accepting cryptocurrency as a way of payment.

The zoo announced it will start accepting cryptocurrencies as a payment option for admission, a move that comes after the Chattanooga Zoo announced in August it would accept Bitcoin and Ethereum, two popular cryptocurrencies, as a form of payment for admission.

The zoo says it is working on a formal process to accept cryptocurrencies for admission and that it plans to begin doing so by March 2018.

“Cryptocurrencies are becoming a major tool for digital commerce and are becoming an increasingly accepted form of money in the world today, especially among consumers,” said Sarah Sutter, zoo vice president of marketing.

“With our new cryptocurrency policy, Chattanoogs zoo can now offer a more convenient, secure and transparent payment option to our guests.”

Cryptocurrency transactions will be made using the zoo’s mobile app.

The Chattanooga Zoo is one of the first zoos in the country to accept Bitcoin.

The Cincinnati Zoo in Ohio has also added Bitcoin payments to its payment platform.

Bitcoin payments are not new, but they’ve been a relatively new and rapidly growing technology.

In January, a bitcoin exchange service was launched in Chattanooga.

Since then, several other zoos have begun accepting Bitcoin, including the Atlanta Zoo in Georgia, which also added cryptocurrency payments to the system.

Bitcoin is a digital currency that is not backed by any government or central bank, but is backed by a small number of miners, who can mint it.

The Cincinnati Zoo is also adding Ethereum as a new payment option, and the zoo will start using it for admission payment on January 15.

The announcement of the Chattanooga zoo’s new cryptocurrency payment option came after the zoo announced in September it would begin accepting Bitcoin as a method of payment at its zoo.

The Atlanta Zoo, which began accepting Bitcoin in October 2016, has already begun accepting Ethereum, which is also not backed in any way by a government.

The Atlanta Zoo has received hundreds of requests for Bitcoin donations and donations of other cryptocurrencies, according to the zoo.

It will accept Ethereum payments for admission until March 2018 and will not charge admission fees for it.