How to wear a costume to a zoo or zoo keeper costume party

You can make your own costume at home with a little help from your imagination.

Here are 10 ideas to help you create your own animal costume from scratch:1.

Make your own “zoo suit”2.

Create your own penguin costume3.

Make a turtle costume4.

Make animal friends in your backyard5.

Make pet costumes6.

Make an animal companion7.

Make pets your mascot8.

Create a costume for your pet9.

Create animal masks10.

Create an animal suit from scratch, or create an animal costume using a photo you found online11.

Create the ultimate zoo costume for a Halloween party12.

Create something from scratch from scratch for your kid or grandkid13.

Make some fun animal costumes14.

Make homemade costumes for your friends or family15.

Make costume parties for a birthday party16.

Make fun costumes to go with Halloween costumes17.

Make costumes for friends or relatives18.

Create costume parties from scratch19.

Make Halloween costumes20.

Make one-off costumes for family or friends.

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