Memphis Zoo Celebrates the Memphis Zoo’s Season 4 Event

Memphis Zoo celebrates its second season of lighting the Memphis Land Zoo with a festive, three-day celebration on Friday, Dec. 6.

The celebration is being sponsored by Memphis-based outdoor apparel company Knoxville Zoo, and it will be a celebration of life.

The Memphis Zoo is the world’s oldest indoor zoo and was founded in 1893 as the largest indoor animal sanctuary in the world.

For the past four decades, the Memphis zoo has served as a center for life and health, providing a home to over 2 million animals, and a breeding ground for wildlife, reptiles and insects.

For its fourth season, the zoo is offering a special light show that will be free of charge to the public.

In addition to the light show, the Zoo will have live animals and special events throughout the night, including a zoo exhibit, a musical tribute and a free concert by a Memphis-born jazz musician.

The event will take place at Memphis Zoo on Friday night at 9 p.m.

Memphis Zoo staff members will also be on hand to provide information on all aspects of the Memphis Animal Health Program.

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